New: Hop on the train anytime. Pick two weeks that suit you best and we'll set up the journey for you.
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As in your passport, add second name(s) if applicable
Kupe is a 4 person compartment that you'll share with other participants. Platzkart is an open wagon, pretty much like a dorm that is shared with other participants and locals.
Please select the date when you'd like to start in Moscow. The trip takes 14 days total and must be booked 60 days in advance to allow for visa preparation and booking the best seats/rooms for you (45 days if you don't need a visa to russia/mongolia)
You can go solo, as a couple or in a private group up to 12 people.
Give us more details on the above e.g. link, , search term, name of facebook group or name of the person who referred you.